The Mt. Vernon Regional scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 21 has been POSTPONED and rescheduled for Feb. 28.

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Cross-Vibbert 1/24/15

Annotations by Sean Vibbert

1.c4 I was expecting to see the English opening at some point in this tournament, and I had plans to not allow the symmetrical variation.

1…c5 2.g3 Nf6 3.Bg2 Nc6 4.Nf3 d5 This is one of the only lines that avoids the symmetrical variation and gives an imbalance to the position.

5.0-0 Normally, white takes on d5 and moves Nc3. Since he castled, black may have no choice but to go into a closed position.

5…e5 6.d3 Be7 7.Bg5 Up until this point, I did not want to move d4 and create a closed position. However, after the move Bg5, it is the only move that gives black a good advantage.

7…d4 8.Bxf6 Bxf6 9.Nfd2 This move activates the bishop on g2 and allows for some f4 pawn push ideas. My plan here was to move all of my pieces off of the dangerous h1-a8 diagonal.

9…0-0 10.Na3 White’s plan here was to prepare the b4 pawn push and weaken my center. This idea will not work, as black has an easy response.

10…Be7 11.Nc2 Be6 12.Rb1 Qd7 13.a3 a5 This is the response that shuts down white’s plan. It also doubles as a future attacking pawn.

14.Nb3 Nb3 is a dangerous move to make. It is an undefended target that is only blocked by an attackable pawn.

14…b6 15.e4 b5 This move may not make a lot of sense because I had just pushed my pawn to b6. The position now allows for the move b5 because white just moved his pawn to e4, blocking his deadly bishop.

16.Nd2 a4 Now my plan was to put as much pressure on the c4 pawn as possible.

17.Ne1 Na5 I cannot take the pawn immediately because it allows white to place his knight on d3.

18.f4 f6 19.Rc1 Rab8 20.Rc2 Rfd8 21.fxe5 fxe5 22.Qh5 Normally this move would be fantastic for white because it puts so much pressure on my e5 pawn. However, it does not work, because I can trap his queen after Bf6 and Bg4.

22…Bf6 23.Qd1 He has no choice but to retreat his queen. The extra tempo he lost here was enough for me to win.

23…bxc4 24.Nxc4 Nxc4 25.Rxc4 White was probably hoping to place his knight on d3 and defend.

25…Bxc4 26.dxc4 d3 27.Qd2 Qd4+ Now there is nothing that white can do to survive. Black will win the b2 pawn and finish the game by promoting his d3 pawn. 0-1

2015 Individual State Finals

Nearly 300 players participated at the 26th Annual SCI Individual State Finals on January 24, 2015 at Pike High School in Indianapolis.  Champions were crowned in seven divisions based on grade and rating.  Six of the seven divisions were won with a perfect score.

In the 12th & Under Championship division, senior Sean Vibbert was a perfect 4-0 and claimed the $2000, “Teddy” Jacobi Scholarship.  Sean has won a total of $8,000 in scholarships during his years playing in the SCI Championships.  Sean will represent Indiana in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions this summer.

In the 8th & Under Championship division, another perfect score was turned in by Kevin Wang.  Kevin was awarded the $1000, Billy Colias Scholarship and will represent Indiana in the Barber Tournament of High School Champions this summer.

Bingrui Wang won the 6th & Under division and the $1000, Brian Yamin Scholarship with a perfect, 5-0 score.  Wang knocked off three higher rated players, including the top seed rated over 400 points higher.

In the 3rd grade & Under division, Kindergartener Grant Mu won all six of his games and was crowned champion.  Grant’s performance rating was over 1100, nearly 300 points higher than his rating.

Ben Hathaway won on tie breaks over Jonathan Ji in the 12th & Under, Junior Varsity section after they played to a draw in the final round.  Top seeded Mate Mayer was a perfect 5-0, winning the 8th & Under, Junior Varsity section.  The 6th & Under, Junior Varsity section was won with a perfect, 6-0 score by Tyler Weinzapfel.

The tournament directors were Scott Reisinger, Joe Riegsecker, Darren Bedwell, Roger Norris, Terry Vibbert, and Tracey Vibbert.  The local site coordinator was Jerry Ritchie.

Individual Regional Tournaments Conlude

The rest of the field was set for the 2015 SCI Individual Championships this weekend.  Nearly 300 players have now qualified to compete on January 24, 2015 at Pike High School in Indianapolis.  Players who qualified can confirm their spot to play in the finals by mailing the registration form with entry fee, or by registering online here.

Registrations received will be posted online within three days here.

Hammond Regional

Over 100 players qualified today at the Hammond Regional for the 2015 SCI Individual State Finals on January 24, 2015.  Hammond is again the largest regional this year with more than 340 players registered.  Six players were undefeated on route to qualifying.  David Vogel was 3-0 in the 12th & Under Championship division, Devin Gronkiewicz was 4-0 in the 6th & Under, and Ashlynn Duffy scored a perfect 5-0 in the 3rd Grade & Under section.

In the 8th & Under Junior Varsity section, Peter Clements turned in a perfect 5-0 score, as did both Jackson Pawlowski and Rayhan Zaman in the 6th & Under JV section.

Click here for complete results from Hammond.

Players who qualified can confirm their State Finals entry online here.  The $5 entry fee can be paid online through Paypal.

Dec. 6 Bloomington Scholastic

On Saturday, December 6, University Elementary and BISCC hosted the 8th Annual Bloomington Scholastic Chess Open.  Across four sections, 111 players battled for five rounds of either G/30 or G/40. In the 1st/Under section, Kaarthik Nagarathinam went undefeated in a field of 12 competitors, with Bloomington standout Gabriel Cohen finishing in sole possession of second place. Team trophies were won by University Elementary (1st) and Martinsville South (2nd).  Meanwhile, in the 3rd/Under section, Rena Cohen topped 29 others by winning each of her games in quick fashion, winning first place and 117 rating points in the process.  Team trophies were won by Eagle Elementary (1st), University Elementary (2nd), and Lost Creek Elementary (3rd). 
The largest section of the day was 6th/Under, with 51 players vying for the top prize.  University Elementary fifth-grader Daniel Larsen continued his streak of impressive recent tournament performances by going undefeated again and bringing his rating to 1218, making him the fourth-rated 6th/Under player in the state and helping his team grab the first-place trophy.  Finally, in the 8th/Under section, Max Muxhin won all of his games, with Tri-North Middle Schooler Ben Foley grabbing second place and Woodrow Wilson Middle School easily taking home top team honors.  Special thanks to Michelle Burns for organizing the event, and to the directing crew of Jason Cole, Bobby Goddin, and Michael Douglas for all of their help.  Complete individual results, not listed in tiebreak order, can be found at

Complete team results are below:
1    UES    University Elementary (0.0)    9.0
        William Yi (unr.) 3.0    
        Deniz Coker (unr.) 2.5    
        Michael Hu (unr.) 2.0    
        Tobias Westphal (unr.) 1.5       
2    MARTSO    Martinsville South (321.0)    5.0
        Alaina Bunnell (unr.) 3.0    
        Travis Terrell (321) 2.0
1    Eagle Elementary (Zionsville)    EE(Z) (516.3)    14.0
        Naitik Rambhia (751) 4.0    
        Maxwell Keller Kitchell (362) 3.5    
        Jake Cero (553) 3.5    
        Jonathan Hargreaves (261) 3.0    
        Allison Carole Johnson (399) 3.0    
        Maeve Campbell (316) 2.0    
2    UES    University Elementary School (351.3)    10.5
        Hunter Broomall (590) 3.0    
        Ethan Brodnax (494) 3.0    
        Hyunbin Choi (unr.) 2.5    
        Truman Carpenter (173) 2.0    
        Serge Kalinovsky (unr.) 1.5    
        Marcus O Westphal (148) 1.0    
        Seok Hyun (unr.) 1.0    
        Ives Huddleson (101) 1.0    
        Alpha Chen (unr.) 0.5    
        Leo Dellacqua (unr.) 0.0    
3    Lost Creek  LC (566.5)    7.0
        Kenny Goulding (682) 4.0    
        Rowyn Holder (451) 3.0    
4    Martinsville South   MARTSO (265.0)    4.5
        Elija Peters (365) 2.5    
        Tyler Terrell (165) 2.0    
5    Fishback Creek Public Academy (0.0)    2.5
        Ezekiel Gornik (unr.) 2.0    
        Marvin Bankhead (unr.) 0.5    

1    UES    University Elementary (900.3)    14.0
        Daniel Chaim Larsen (1134) 5.0    
        Thaddeus Cole (1121) 3.5    
        Asher Huddleston (727) 3.0    
        Bryce Berger (181) 2.5    
        Thomas Burns (619) 2.5    
        Caleb Laracuente (189) 2.0    
2    Fishback Creek Public Academy (710.5)    12.5
        Daniel Mukhin (1080) 4.0    
        Nikita Mukhin (900) 3.5    
        William Sowle IV (485) 3.0    
        Matthew Tandy (377) 2.0    
        Garrett Helsel (102) 1.5    
3    PTE    PTE (697.5)    12.5
        Akash Bhowmik (996) 4.0    
        Grant Mu (815) 3.5    
        Tanuj Mangalam (649) 3.0    
        Manav Musunuru (330) 2.0    
4    MARTSO    Martinsville South (589.3)    11.0
        Ryan Pilat (680) 3.0    
        Kevin Huang (761) 3.0    
        Aiden Bunnell (427) 2.5    
        Ian Nuckles (489) 2.5    
        Nic Crone (306) 2.0    
        Elias Carter (unr.) 2.0    
        Reece Satter (111) 1.5    
5    CHE    CHE (669.0)    9.0
        Tyler Weinzapfel (673) 2.5    
        Gabriel Raber (665) 2.5    
        Ethan Steinhart (unr.) 2.0    
        Holli Guffey (unr.) 2.0    
6    CHILDS    Childs Elementary (899.5)    8.5
        Bingrui Wang (1079) 4.0    
        Ben Finkel (720) 3.0    
        Luke R Parks (unr.) 1.5    
7    BINFOR    Binford Elementary (445.0)    8.5
        Rawden Harris (655) 2.5    
        Lucas Emory Jones (193) 2.0    
        Omar Zaneer (unr.) 2.0    
        Miles Harper York (487) 2.0    
8    CSM    CSM (895.5)    7.0
        David Csuka (890) 4.0    
        Pranav Jothirajah (901) 3.0    
9    MARTBE    Martinsville Bell East (581.5)    5.5
        Katie Huang (617) 3.0    
        Andrew Pilat (546) 2.5    
10    LC    Lost Creek (681.0)    5.5
        Ridge Holder (681) 3.5    
        Madison Myers (unr.) 1.0    
        Averi Shock (unr.) 1.0    
11    EE(Z)   Eagle Elementary (Zionsville) (394.5)    4.5
        Luke Cero (532) 2.5    
        Tyler Joseph Alessandrini (257) 2.0    
12    CES    CES (0.0)    4.0
        Bryce Ooley (unr.) 2.0    
        Gordon Barrett Richardson (unr.) 1.0    
        Liam Jerome Richardson (unr.) 1.0    
13    HP    HP (429.0)    3.5
        David L Minton (429) 2.5    
        Abbie Steinhart (unr.) 1.0
1    WWMS    Woodrow Wilson Middle School (647.5)    11.5
        Moses Bovenschen (563) 3.0    
        Danny Vega (609) 3.0    
        Grant Morrison (675) 3.0    
        Jonathon Finn (630) 2.5    
        Jim Goulding (492) 2.0    
        Austin Willis (676) 2.0    
        Jennifer Garcia-Israel (239) 2.0    
        Hunter Morrison (547) 2.0    
        Hunter Woods (unr.) 1.0    
2    SYC    Sycamore (968.5)    8.0
        Max Mukhin (1126) 5.0    
        Pranathi Jothirajah (811) 3.0    
3    TRINOR    Tri-North Middle School (753.5)    5.0
        Ben Foley (1246) 4.0    
        Landon Edie-Booker (261) 1.0    
4    NAPA    NAPA (382.5)    2.0
        Alex Wenig (105) 1.0    
        Alexander Ritchie (660) 1.0

Two new SCI Board Members

Scholastic Chess of Indiana has added two new board members to the organization.  Michelle Burns, from Bloomington, has been elected to the board to replace Jeff Studman.  Jeff served on the board for many years and will continue to help direct regional competitions and local events in Northern Indiana.

Also added to the SCI board was Jerry Ritchie to the position of Vice President.  Jerry organizes events for the Pike Chess Club in Indianapolis, a team and individual regional, and hosts the Individual State Finals at Pike High School each year.

SCI is lucky to have these two committed individuals to promote chess at the local and state level.

A complete list of board members is available HERE.

Team championships returning to Terre Haute

The 2015 SCI Team Finals will be returning to Terre Haute at a new location on March 21, 2015.  Woodrow Wilson Middle School will host the 600+ players for the first time in many years.  Teams of 4 will compete at the regional level in February and March to qualify for the event.  More details will be published later in the winter.

Here are some pictures of Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

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