Scholastic Chess of Indiana

Website Updates Around the Corner

SCI participants and families,

This past spring and summer, we have been working hard at making some upgrades to the website to make tournament registration a little easier and more user friendly.  While I believe there is always work to be done, you will notice a few (hopefully welcome) changes as we move into next year.  You can check out what’s new for yourself at

1.  The registration system will allow you to input the USCF ID of a player and lookup that players info, which will automatically populate into the entry form.  For now only the players name, uscf exp. date, and rating will appear.  In the future we are looking at ways to expand on this to include additional info.

2.  Once you complete the registration process, entries should appear immediately to confirm that your entry has been received.  There is a link to this on the page.

3.  USCF memberships will now be able to be purchased through the registration form with your entry.  For events that require a current USCF membership, this option will appear on the screen before checking out.  I hope this will eliminate the need to use the USCF website first before entering for an SCI event.

Have comments or suggestions?  I’d love to hear them.  Send me at email at

Enjoy the rest of your summer!