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20 Indiana Kids on the March 2019 Top 100 Lists

Each month US Chess publishes lists of the top 100 players for ages ranging from 7-18, with a second list for girls at each age. Exactly 20 Indiana scholastic players made the March 2019 lists!

A trio of Indiana high schoolers lead the way with Aydin Turgut (2301 rating) ranked 8th among 14 years olds, Aidan Kaczanowski (2027) ranked 74th among 17 years olds, and Nikhil Datar (1986) ranked 80th among 16 year olds. We then go down to the nine year olds to get our next ranked player, with Ruoxiao Xia (1762) ranked  30th. Michael Pu (1382) and Sophie Xu (1221) are the 48th and 88th ranked eight year olds and then there is a trio of 7-and-unders: Madison Brown (1228) is 31st, Nathan Walatka (1062) is 74th, and Christopher Cheng (1046) is 84th.

On the girls top 100 lists, the highest ranked players are the already mentioned Madison Brown, who is 3rd in the country (!) among girls 7 and under, and Sophie Xu, who is 17th among 8 year old girls. Coming in next is multi-time winner of the Indiana Girls State Championship, Peishanika Arnold. Nika is ranked 32nd among 16 year old girls. Nine other girls round out our Indiana players on the list: Kathleen Reyna (675) is 57th among 18 year old girls; Heidi Bentrup (994) Arriana Szymczak (799), and Yatziri Moreno (775) are 56th, 64th, and 67th among 17 year old girls; Jiapei Chen (915) rounds out our older players by coming in 86th among 16 year old girls. We then have Therese Walatka (1312) at 52nd among 11 year old girls, Thejasri Raghuram (925) ranked 76th among 9 year old girls, Julie  Walatka (724) ranked 84th among eight year old girls, and Elina Surendran (639) at 61st among girls seven and under.

The top 100 lists are based upon the official ratings as of the third Wednesday of the previous month and they are usually posted about half-way through the month. If you think your child should be on one of these lists, you should contact US Chess.

Congratulations to everyone who made it on these lists!

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